2013 Eric W. Hedberg Musical Instrument Award

Sept 26, 2013 Congratulations Amanda Wood, recipient of the first annual Eric W. Hedberg Musical Instrument Award. Eric, an Asheville resident, passed away unexpectedly last April. Today would have been his 60th birthday. GTTM is so honored to have coordinated the meeting of Eric’s loved ones, Pamela Olander of Chicago who personally made this award possible along with Karin Hedberg and Gerald Hyatt of Asheville with a deserving student who shares Eric’s love of the Beatles, Jazz and a heartfelt desire for a life filled with music. Amanda, an avid voice student and Rock Academy performer, received a complete Bass Guitar kit consisting of a Fender Squire Precision Bass, gig bag, headphones, cords, strap and amp. So, what advice would Eric give Amanda at this point...? All You Need is Love! IMG_9835IMG_9834IMG_9832 Amanda was asked to write a few notes about the Beatles in Eric’s honor. Here’s what she had to say: The Beatles were the first rock group to achieve worldwide distinction, which launched the British Invasion, making them an international phenomenon. They were the first musicians to openly talk about politics and religion and to ever initiate conversations about topics other than music and style. They were the first group to incorporate strings and brass into their music, but still kept it rock. Paul McCartney re-invented the way the bass guitar is played, when he wrote and played a melody line for the bass. Before then, it was just another instrument to keep the beat, playing nothing more complicated than quarter notes or four notes in a song. Thanks to my family, the Beatles have influenced my love and passion for music more than any other musicians. Their lyrics have taught me style and grace and yes, even life lessons. I aspire to influence audiences like they did and hope to one day play the bass with the ease and expertise Paul still possess today. Thanks Eric. Its fans like you and my mom and my dad, who keep the Beatles legacy alive and well for young fans, students and musicians like me.

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