2014 Eric W. Hedberg Musical Instrument Award

Sept 25, 2014 - Congratulations Miranda Clark, recipient of the Second Annual Eric W. Hedberg Musical Instrument Award. Eric, an Asheville resident, passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago. Today would have been his 61st birthday. GTTM is so honored to have coordinated the meeting of Eric’s loved ones, Pamela Olander of Chicago who personally made this award possible along with Karin Hedberg and Gerald Hyatt of Asheville, with a deserving student who shares Eric’s love of the Beatles, Jazz and a heartfelt desire for a life filled with music. Miranda, a Rock Academy student, who also studies voice and guitar was gifted an Avian Songbird guitar and case; an instrument for a lifetime. The only thing lift for Miranda to do is Imagine!

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for making it possible for me to get a new guitar with Give to the Music. I’m so happy and I will dedicate all my hard work on the guitar to your friend Eric. I had to do a report on The Beatles for school last year.  My teacher was a really big fan. I got an A.

The Beatles looked and acted and sounded different from anything that anyone ever seen or heard. Their sound was new and full of joy and excitement. Because their music was so loud “serious” people dismissed them at first, but a few people, like Leonard Bernstein, knew from the start that they were a different in a good way.

The Beatles did two big things. First, they basically invented, the rock’n’roll two-electric guitar sound. The line-up of guitars, bass and drums, which has been copied by everyone, comes from them. Second, they broke down the wall between teen music and adult music.

Even though I like different kinds of music I would like to change the world someday, just like they did and someday someone will write a report about me.

Thank you Pamela and Eric and Toni and Anne for the wonderful opportunity.

Miranda Clark

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