Ni’Zier’s new Drum Kit

December 17, 2012 Ni'Zier made out his Christmas wish list for DSS. That list ended up at St. Paul’s Baptist Church. Church member, Karen Brown picked Ni'Zier’s name and got him everything on his list except a drum kit, a very pricey item. Karen called Malcolm Morgan, one of our Rock Academy dads, and asked if he knew anyone who could help. Malcolm called Anne Coombs, Director of Music Education at Give to the Music and asked if we had a kit to donate. We did not. Anne put a request out on Facebook. A kit was quickly donated but when it was dropped off, it needed lots of work and wouldn’t be ready in time for Christmas. Anne returned to the class she was teaching and told the story of Ni'Zier and the drum kit. Amy Stewart, a Rock Academy band member, announces that she has a drum kit stored away and would be willing to give it to Ni'Zier…When the drum kit was delivered, it was almost perfect. We needed legs for the kick drum and some drum sticks. Enter Karen, again, who shows up with a $50 gift card to help with the expense. On Monday, December 17th, Ni'Zier’s 10th birthday, Give to the Music, presented him with his final Christmas wish, a practically new Pearl Export drum kit, complete with cymbals and throne, and a year of drum lessons at Music Academy, Asheville. Sometimes, it really does take a village…..


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